Dryer Products to Help Maximize Laundry Safety and Efficiency

If you have to do laundry, it shouldn’t take all day long. It’s time for a quicker, more efficient laundry solution.

Our Products

Dryer vents are all we do. Founded in 2009, we’ve cleaned, repaired
and improved 10,000+ dryer vents across North Texas. Check out our selection
of dryer solutions and accessories to help improve laundry safety and efficiency.


Transition Hoses

We also sell and install quality transition hoses. All dryer manufacturers warn against using plastic flexible transition hose as it can fuel a dryer fire. Flexible hoses are more likely to crush and reduce airflow. Semi-rigid aluminum hoses stand up better to dryer fires, but are more difficult to bend into tight spaces and crushes easily with pressure. HomeSafe hoses protects against fire spread, maintains its 4” diameter and is flexible for those tight spaces behind the dryer.

But why get one of our transitions hoses over say one you could pick up at a hardware store? Let’s compare the selection of transitions hoses you could choose.

For years, two types of 4″ clothes dryer transition hoses have been available: “slinky” foil and semi-rigid aluminum. Each features unique benefits as well as disadvantages for both installers and homeowners.

”Slinky” Foil
“Slinky” foil has flexibility, which allows it to fit into tight spaces and is easy to work with. However, its Mylar coating and abrasive is flammable making it dangerous. Its inner diameter is only 3.25” compared to the 4” dryer duct disrupting the airflow making your dryer run less efficiently.

Semi-rigid Aluminum
Semi-rigid aluminum stands up better to dryer fire and retains a full 4″ opening to maximize airflow efficiency. However, because of the rigidity of this material, semi-rigid hoses are harder to bend in tight areas and the material crushes easily when pressure is applied.

HomeSafe Transition Hose
HomeSafe Transition Hoses are equipped with the best of both. Our hoses are the only ones available that’s as flexible as foil yet features the same airflow efficiency and fire safety as semi-rigid aluminum. It retains a full 4″ inner diameter whether compressed or stretched which helps ensure continuous airflow without creating lint catching points. Protects against the spread of dryer fire and is crush resistant.


Use DampRid to attract and trap excess moisture and prevent musty odors from damaging your valuables. It’s all- natural, moisture-absorbing calcium chloride crystals only activate when there is excess moisture in the air, making it last longer because you never use more than you need.

    • All Natural
    • Maintain Optimal Humidity Level
    • Protects against stale & musty odors

Dryer Box

The Dryer Box allows the dryer to sit flush against the wall, maximizing the space in your laundry room. There’s MORE! The Dryer Box not only protects the transition hose neatly in the wall, eliminates restricted airflow from crushed hose, but it also helps protects against the spread of a dryer fire.

    • Professional Finish
    • Safer, Roomier, More Efficient
    • Protects against Dryer Fire Spread

Quick Connect

Use our Quick Connects to attach and unattach the transition hose to the dryer vent in the wall in just seconds. Just twist and lock. Creates easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Washer Hoses

Bursting washing machine hoses is one of the most common causes of catastrophic water damage in homes. A good rule of thumb is to replace rubber washing machine hoses every 5 years. We also check your washer hoses during our initial inspection. Your technician will have new washer hoses on hand to replace and/or install at the time of your appointment.

    • Rubber Reinforced with polyester
    • 90° elbow for installation in tight spaces
    • Burst Resistant
    • Color Code for easy installation

Lint Alert

The LintAlert® monitors the dryer vent system for issues, enhancing your home safety plan. As lint naturally accumulates over time, LED indicators progressively illuminates to indicate how efficiently your dryer is operating. When restricted airflow becomes dangerous, an alarm is triggered.

How does it work? Designed to alert you when there is restricted airflow in your dryer vent. Airflow is measured when the vent is cleaned and then the device is installed and calibrated while the vent is at its cleanest. Flashing lights indicate the severity of the airflow blockage overtime and lets you know when it’s time to clean your vent again.

Utilizing advanced technology, the onboard computer calibrates to know precisely how your dryer should be performing. Have peace of mind knowing your dryer is safe and efficient. You’ll be informed exactly when attention is needed, while the Lint Alert continually checks the dryer vent system.

Your dryer vent should be professionally cleaned every 3 to 5 years or when the third LED lights up to keep your home safe and efficient.

Wall Terminations

Our Wall Terminations have a tight design and low profile which complements the exterior of your home. It is made with 22 ga. galvanized and powder coated steel providing a long duty life. The light damper and clean opening delivers zero airflow restriction. Not to mention, installs are fast in new or existing dryer vent.

    • Corrosion Resistant
    • Available in 3 different colors
    • Zero Airflow Restrictions
    • Balanced Magnetized Damper

Bird Guard

Our Bird Guard protects your from birds and other wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons and other nesting animals. Made entirely with heavy-duty stainless steel mesh that will not rust or corrode. Easy to install over most dryer ducts or bathroom vents.

    • Easy to Install
    • Rust proof
    • Prevents animal nesting

Dryer Balls

Avoid using fabric softener or dryer sheets! The residue from dryer sheets and fabric softener stick to the inside walls of your dryer vent, which in turns collects lint and clogs your vent that much faster. Not to mention, it makes it much harder to clean. A safe alternative is to use dryer balls. HomeSafe Dryer Balls can be use for years unlike dryer sheets or fabric softener, saving you money.

They fluff up your laundry, prevent clothes from clumping, increase air circulation, and cut down the amount of time it takes your clothes to dry.

    • LASTS for 1,000 loads
    • 100% Pure New Zealand Wool
    • Softens Naturally
    • Reduces dry time by 20%
    • Helps Eliminate wrinkles and Static

Booster Fan

With excessive duct lengths or runs with many turns, the “back pressure” of the duct is too high. This cuts down on the amount of airflow that is extracted from the dryer. We often hear of 40+ ft. exhaust systems and 2+ hour dry times! A Booster Fan is typically required when the dryer vent length exceeds 30 ft. or depending on how many elbows or turns in your exhaust system.

Lint Brush

It is recommended to clean your lint filter before or after every cycle, but what about the fragments that falls in the lint filter cavity. Our Lint Brush is a handy tool for removing dust, lint and hair that may have fallen into the Dryer Lint Filter Housing. Failure to remove the accumulation of lint in the housing reduces the efficiency of the dryer and could present a fire hazard.

    • Bendable fiber brush
    • Ergonomic comfort grip
    • Hang-up feature for convenient storage
    • Durable Design

Roof Hoods

Our Roof Hoods are engineered specifically for the dryer vents. They are designed to meet all building code requirements and provide superior airflow efficiency. Made tough to weather the elements and equipped with a damper to be pest resistant. Water tight collars extend above the nailing flange to prevent water intrusion.


    • Zero Airflow Restrictions
    • Easy Cleaning Access
    • Weather and Pest Resistant

(214) 494-9740

Locally owned and insured, we offer our dryer duct cleaning service to the entire DFW Metroplex and the surrounding areas.

8401 Memorial Ln
Plano, TX 75024


(214) 494-9740

Locally owned and insured, we offer our dryer duct cleaning service to the entire DFW Metroplex and the surrounding areas.

8401 Memorial Ln
Plano, TX 75024


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