How to Upgrade Your Laundry Room

How to Upgrade Your Laundry Room

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend an average of 54.2 hours per year doing laundry. This is a lot of time to spend in one bland room of your house, loading and unloading appliances and folding clothes mindlessly. You deserve more excitement from these hours. This is why we asked some of the pros at Superior Dryer Vent Cleaning Service in the DFW Metroplex for some tips about how to upgrade your laundry room.

The good news about laundry? That is, there is no hard and fast rule about how you must perform these tasks. This means you can upgrade your laundry room however you want. You only need to remember some key considerations, such as dryer vent placement and utility access when reconfiguring or redesigning your space.

 Below are some steps for upgrading your laundry room:

 Consider What You Want

Why do you want to upgrade your laundry room? What do you envision for making laundry chores better? What else is important to you? Answering these questions will help you formulate a basic plan. It will also help you figure out your budget.

 Ask yourself questions like:

  •  Do I need the laundry space to function better?
  • What makes doing laundry difficult in the current space?
  • Does the room need to look nice, too?
  • Will I limit the changes to the current room?
  • Am I relocating the laundry facilities?
  • Will I buy new appliances?
  • Do I envision removing walls or rerouting the dryer vent or plumbing?

Decide how you want your laundry space to function. Do you use your laundry room for storage? Does the space also serve traffic through a back door, such as in a mudroom capacity? Do you make crafts in the room or use it as an office? Do pets live in your laundry area? Do you need a space you can more easily keep organized and well-maintained, such as through dryer vent cleaning service?

 Draft a Plan for Your Laundry Room

You need a written plan to achieve all of your laundry room goals within a reasonable amount of time. This plan will also help you whittle down your loftier project to one that is achievable and more in line with your priorities.

When developing your plan, it helps to get some tips or ideas from experts you work with on an ongoing basis. For example, next time you have your dryer vents cleaned, ask the dryer vent cleaning service technician what they suggest to upgrade your laundry room.

Some ideas for taking your laundry room to the next level include:

  • Rods or a drying closet for hanging clothes
  • Window
  • Wine refrigerator
  • Television or sound system
  • Device docking station
  • Pet washing station
  • Fold-down ironing board
  • Drying racks
  • Storage cabinets
  • Rolling carts
  • Counter space or an island
  • Counter stools or comfy seating

 Engage Professionals or Choose to DIY

If your plan involves easy-to-execute changes like new wallpaper, wall paint, organizational bin system or placement of a cozy chair, you can probably complete the work on your own. But if you want major changes like new cabinetry, relocation of appliances, electrical wiring or structural changes, you need some expert help.

Remember, if you intend to move your washer and dryer from their current operating position, you must consider proper dryer vent placement. Talk to a dryer vent cleaning service early in this planning. They will help you understand where your appliances can work and where they cannot operate to maximum benefit. While they are visiting your home for dryer vent location or installation, have them perform dryer vent cleaning service on the existing vent. This is important before you start to upgrade your laundry room.

 Develop Your Budget

Now that you know what you want to achieve in your space and how you want it to function, you have some idea of things you need to purchase. Explore the cost of these items and start making a list to form your budget. If you are engaging a designer or other outside service providers, talk to them about their rates, too.

Do not forget to get rates for special construction needs. These often include rewiring by an electrician, dryer vent location and dryer vent cleaning services, water line extension by a plumber or other services.

 Establish a Timeline and Go!

Once you have your vision, experts involved and a budget, you can start working on your laundry room upgrade. First develop your timeline according to your available time, the pros’ schedules, project goals, budget and a targeted completion date. Then, when ready, start making your vision come to fruition!

 Maintain Your New Laundry Space

After the work ends, you can enjoy your share of the average American’s 54.2 hours of laundry time per year. But do not forget important maintenance needed on an ongoing basis after you upgrade your laundry room. This maintenance includes dryer vent cleaning service to keep your home clean and safe from fire, nesting rodents, allergens and other problems. In the DFW Metroplex, call Superior Dryer Vent Cleaning at (214) 494-9740 for scheduling.

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(214) 494-9740

Locally owned and insured, we offer our dryer duct cleaning service to the entire DFW Metroplex and the surrounding areas.

8401 Memorial Ln
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