Where Birds and Rodents Bed Down for the Winter

Where Birds and Rodents Bed Down for the Winter

Did you know that birds and rodents use aspects of your home for nesting during the winter? They need to stay warm just as we do during harsh weather. Because they tend to be less active during lower temperatures, many people believe they hibernate. Instead, they bed down in parts of your home where they can find warmth, protection and quiet. This is why you need to put forth a little extra effort before winter, to keep rats, mice, squirrels and birds out of your dryer vents and other places they like to hide.

Where Rodents Like to Bed Down for Winter

Rats, mice, squirrels, other rodents and even raccoons can sense that the inside of your home is toasty warm when the temperatures plummet outside. This makes them want to be inside, but where you cannot see or disturb them. They also seek to get closer to any food sources they can find, such as from your cabinets, pet food bowls and garbage. These destructive creatures can use any opening to your home as a wintertime superhighway to meet all of these needs. Some of their favorite entry points are dryer vents, garages, chimneys, broken basement windows, gaps in eaves and crawl spaces.

Extra dryer lint that can be found in your dryer vent works very well for rodent and raccoon bedding. This dryer lint provides a soft, absorbent and toasty warm material for them to build a winter nest. Dryer vents are warmer than the outdoors and provide shelter from winter elements. They are particularly warm when you are running your dryer.

In many ways, living in a dryer vent can provide everything one of these little animals needs to survive even the harshest winter. Whether you have a rooftop dryer vent or one closer to ground level, you need to ensure it has a protective vent cover before winter begins. You should also have your dryer vent cleaning company clean the vent before winter and at the start of spring. Ask them to check the dryer vent covers and for any signs of animal entry.

Other places in which rodents and raccoons like to bed down for the winter include:

  • Garages
  • Chimneys
  • Basements
  • Crawl spaces
  • Sheds and outbuildings
  • Vehicles
  • Burrowed dens around the home

Where Birds Seek Shelter from the Winter Weather 

Like rodents, birds seek warm spaces in which to retreat during cold weather. They typically prefer to stay in trees. But if they have few trees to choose from or need a safer space, they seek shelter in other tall structures. Your home can fulfill this need nicely, particularly if you have a rooftop dryer vent. Other places birds like to nest during the winter include corner eaves, gutters and chimneys.

To keep birds from nesting in these places around your roof, ensure you have a chimney cap installed. We recommend installing a Defender for side terminating dryer vents to keep birds and rodents out. It is very important to have your dryer vent cleaning company check the cover of your rooftop dryer vent a couple of times per year. At the same time, you can have them clean your dryer vent to prevent nesting and reduce fire risk. Have your gutters and chimney cleaned before winter sets in, too.

Why You Should Not Let Creatures Nest in Your Dryer Vents and Other Parts of Your Home

Although it can sound humane to let these little creatures nest in the warm spaces around your home’s exterior, it is actually quite dangerous. Rodent and bird droppings are highly acidic and contain disease-causing pathogens. They cause major health problems in people and animals, just as their acidity damages your roof and home materials.

You should not risk trying to prepare the roof areas and rooftop features of your home for winter unless you are specially trained to do so. Professionals have the right training, equipment and protective clothing to do this work for you. Call your local dryer vent cleaning company to properly clean and cover your dryer vent. Then have your chimney sweep perform the same work on your chimney. Your local landscaping or gutter cleaning company can clear your gutters and install vent covers as needed, too. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning for Winter in the Dallas Area

In the Dallas area, simply call the dryer vent cleaning experts of Superior Dryer Vent. We will provide seasonal cleaning and ensure you have a protective dryer vent cover. At the same time, this work reduces your risk for home fire, helps your laundry dry faster and keeps little creatures from getting into your home. Schedule your appointment today by calling (214) 494-9740.

Dryer Vent Cleaning for Winter in the Dallas Area
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