How often you need to clean dryer vent


Is your dryer vent taking extra time to dry your clothes? Is the body of the vent getting overheated when used? Then maybe your dryer vent needs maintenance. 

Dryer vents need to be either cleaned at home every day or professionally cleaned periodically. It helps in retaining the efficiency of the dryer vent. 

When the water-laden air is blown out from the house, it sucks up dirt, debris, and lint from the air apart from the moisture. If left uncleaned for a long time, they can get accumulated inside the vent and eventually intrude on its performance.  

Apart from losing its efficiency and getting overheated, there are few other signs which indicate that it is time for a dryer vent cleaning service such as: 

  • The hood flap is not opening properly.
  • The clothes have a mild burnt smell after being dried.
  • Your laundry room is turning into a sauna room when the vent is being used.
  • Even after a long tumble, the clothes are damp.

Process of a cleaning a dryer vent

If you are planning to clean your dryer vent on your own, then you may need to ruffle your toolbox and accumulate a few instruments first, such as:

  • A screwdriver
  • A vacuum cleaner with a long crevice attached
  • A dryer vent cleaning brush. You can also use a straightened wire hanger as an alternative. 
  • Duct tape in case of flexible hose

Steps to cleaning your dryer vent

  • Unplug the dryer 
  • Remove the cover of the dryer vet leaving the hose and the dryer’s vent exposed
  • Disconnect the hose from the dryer vent and the dryer. You will need a screwdriver to unscrew the hose.
  • Using the vacuum cleaner, start cleaning the vent. Insert the crevice into the vent and vacuum it thoroughly. 
  • Vacuum the hose properly inside-out from both ends.
  • If there is any lint left inside, use the straightened wire hanger or the vent cleaning brush to remove it. Whatever you are using, go easy else you may end up puncturing the hose. 
  • Vacuum the dryer cover
  • Screw back both ends of the hose. In the event it is a foil hose, use the duct tape to seal them properly. 
  • Keep the dryer on for a few minutes and check for any leakage from the connections.

If you want to skip this tiring process, you can opt for a clothes dryer vent cleaning services professional who can get the job done in less time and more accurately

There are several factors that affect how often do you need to clean your dryer vent to keep it running smoothly. A few of them are:

  • Pets

If you have pets around, especially those who shed a lot, you may need to clean your dryer vent more frequently. You must be aware if you are a pet owner that pet hairs can be found even in the most unexpected places.

  • Family size

The more clothes you leave to dry, the more lint the vent sucks in. A family of four will need dryer vent duct cleaning services more frequently than a family of two.

  • Type of laundry 

Wool and fluffy items such as blankets and towels are few of the worst enemies of dryer vents. They love to clog the hose with the lint. If you frequently dry such items, your dryer vent will need frequent servicing.

  • Age of the textiles

New clothes shed a lot of lint. So, if you are fond of shopping, you may need frequent servicing of your dryer vent to keep your vent running smoothly and efficiently. 

Why should you keep your dryer vent clean? 

An uncleaned dryer vent will not only work inefficiently but possesses other trouble and risks too. When you clean your dryer vent frequently, you will be saving/reducing:

  • A lot of energy

A clean dryer vent works more efficiently and does its job faster, which eventually conserves energy. When cleaned daily, you can reduce up to 25% on your energy bill.

  • Maintenance cost

The more the work is, the more will be the service charge of the dryer vent cleaning company. So, vacuum the opening to clean any stuck lint, or dirt and debris. Else, thoroughly clean it periodically.  

  • Risk of fire

When left untreated, lint will start accumulating inside the dryer and when the dryer gets overheated, it may catch fire as lint is a highly flammable material. 

  • Damage of the dryer

A dirty dryer will need to work harder, leaving it exhausted after every use. This may start damaging the delicate parts of the dryer. Regular cleaning will prevent this overstrain.  

Bonus tips to keep your dryer clean

  • If you are using a flexible vent pipe, consider replacing them with a solid vent pipe. The flexible vent pipes, which are commonly made out of foil, are a common fire hazard material and a lint attractor.  
  • Allow the dryer to cool down before reloading.
  • Switch to a fabric softener in the event you are using dryer sheets.
  • Place the dryer near an external wall. 

Regular maintenance of the dryer helps your dryer vent run efficiently. 

If you have a long vent, a damaged dryer, or the dryer hasn’t been cleaned for a prolonged period, opt for a dryer vent cleaning service provider rather than try to do it by yourself