Which Dryer Vent Variant to Consider for Your Home

Are you in the market for a brand new dryer vent? If you are, then that’s great. But before you go out and buy yourself a vent, you may want to take your overall housing situation into consideration first. By doing so, you’ll make the act of choosing the right dryer vent variant a lot easier for yourself. But where exactly do you start?

First, you need to know about the two common types of dryer vents: the indoor and outdoor dryer vents. They each have their own features that you’ll want to take note of. For example, an indoor dryer vent kit can include water reservoirs, which will come in handy for catching debris that would normally dissipate into the air if outdoor dryer vents are used. Speaking of the outdoor variant, they tend to come with clamps, steel duct pipes, and clamps, which are all missing from the indoor variant and can be difficult to set up.

Once you’ve noted the differences between the two, now you need to check your home. Where is your laundry room located with respect to your home’s exterior wall? If it is far way, then you can cross the outdoor dryer vent option off your list. The indoor variant will suit you much better in such a case. Maybe your laundry room isn’t far from the exterior wall, but the act of drilling through brick isn’t something anyone would be recommending anytime soon. For those of you with brick home walls, then stick with the indoor variation.

Now that we’ve established the potential situations in which an indoor dryer vent would make the most sense, what about the outdoor variation? You may be glad to know that dryers are usually best vented outdoors. This is because of the high level of safety associated with it, not to mention the optimum heating efficiency. If your walls are not made of bricks and if you’re willing to cut through them, then feel free to get yourself an outdoor dryer vent. Trust me when I say you’re not likely to regret such a move anytime soon.

So there you have it. Before making a purchase or deciding on a dryer vent, be sure to check in with every little thing about your home, what you need, and what can make things easier for you. A little preparation is all it takes to make a difference in the safety and comfort of your home.