Dryer Vent Cleaning Blog

November 8, 2016

What are the benefits of dryer vent cleaning?

Before we dig into the benefits of dryer vent cleaning, we need to explain what a dryer vent is. It has many misconceptions. What is a dryer vent? It is not the lint trap that you clean out each time you run a load in the dryer. It is not the silver hose between your dryer and the wall. The dryer vent aka dryer exhaust duct is the duct work and/or hosing that runs from the dryer through the wall, and to the vent hood on the outside of the home. This is usually on a side wall or on the roof. Do I need dryer vent cleaning? Do any of these apply to you? Do your clothes take a longer time to dry than they should? Is your electricity bill creeping up? Does your dryer feel very hot when you touch it? Are your clothes very hot when you remove them from the dryer? Does the dryer seem like it’s broken? These are all signs that you need dryer vent cleaning. Even U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends having the dryer vent cleaned periodically. The CPSC says that overheated clothes dryers can cause fire. When lint builds up in […]
October 25, 2016

I bought a new dryer – and my ceiling caved in…

I was called out to a customer’s house the other day because their dryer was taking up to 4 cycle to dry a load of laundry. The homeowner was the only owner of a 20 year old house and never had the dryer vent cleaned. She and her husband had three kids and a handful of dogs, needless to say this vent was totally packed with lint. They had purchased a new dryer on Black Friday and had been using it for around 6 weeks before calling us. As I often see during the winter, the dryer was producing a lot of condensation inside of the pipe. Newer dryers get extremely hot and some even produce steam which will build up a significant amount of water over a short period of time if the vent is clogged. Running the new dryer for six weeks caused the lint inside the 20 foot pipe to soak up the condensation like a sponge. As in the diagram to the right, the pipe routed above the ceiling of the laundry room inside the attic. When the customer’s husband went into the attic to check out the pipe he walked on the beams and plywood […]
October 25, 2016

Can I use a LintEater to clean my dirty dryer vent?

“Hi, my husband and I bought the LintEater brush and it came off inside our dryer vent. Can you get it out!?” I literally get a call exactly like this once a month and believe me it is not pleasant for the homeowner. This most recent case was especially interesting. I received a call from a customer here in my area around 6:45PM on a Sunday night because he husband had spent the last five hours trying to fish the LintEater brush and attached rod out of their vent. Needless to say he was far to irritated to talk on the phone so she had to serve as a go between. Naturally, they were quite distressed and were in high hopes that I could help them retrieve the tool from the vent. It doesn’t take a building engineer to know that the brush if left inside the vent will almost certainly create a blockage that could easily result in a house fire. I told her I would be happy to come and help but I had to be forward on a couple of matters. First, I cannot guarantee I will even be able to remove the LintEater because there is […]
October 25, 2016

What’s that smell coming from my dryer?

Sometimes I’ll get a call from a customer who is getting a bad smell coming from his/her dryer. Usually when this happens it turns out to be an animal that has crawled into the vent and died. Of course this is not overly pleasant but it does need to be dealt with. However, I had a particularly unusual case the other day. I was called to this customer’s house because they were selling and the inspection flagged dirty dryer vent so they had to have it done per buyer’s request. The house was in a very nice area and I’m guessing was sold for close to a million dollars or more. The vent was EXTREMELY dirty even though it was only 14 feet straight up vertically through the roof with no turns, however as I began to set up the customer told me they had smelled a bad odor coming fromt he dryer a few months back but it eventually went away. Of course an animal will eventually dry out and no longer smell but the carcass will still be there, but I hadn’t seen anything quite like this yet. As a pulled out the dryer and disconnected the hose […]