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January 31, 2017

Dryer Vent Precautions You Should Never Overlook

By now, you are probably aware of the dangers that dryer vents can pose. If you are not among the enlightened, then welcome. Make yourself at home. Like many useful things, dryer vents have their own dark side that its users need to be vigilant of. What is this ‘dark side’ that I speak of? How about the fact that dryer vents are a very common cause for house fires. All of a sudden, the danger is now very, very real. But what can you do about this? How can you prevent tragedy from striking? Well, fortunately for you and me, there are always precautions you can take. A less wise or a more careless owner may end up overlooking these precautions, but you should be neither. Vigilance is an absolute must, so for the sake of your home’s safety, here are some precautions to never overlook: Never use the dryer without a lint filter: Lint, have you heard of it? It’s the flammable element that tends to build up in your dryer vent. It’s imperative to protect your dryer, so please, do yourself a favor and never, ever, use it if you don’t have a lint filter. Ensure that […]
January 12, 2017

Which Dryer Vent Variant to Consider for Your Home

Are you in the market for a brand new dryer vent? If you are, then that’s great. But before you go out and buy yourself a vent, you may want to take your overall housing situation into consideration first. By doing so, you’ll make the act of choosing the right dryer vent variant a lot easier for yourself. But where exactly do you start? First, you need to know about the two common types of dryer vents: the indoor and outdoor dryer vents. They each have their own features that you’ll want to take note of. For example, an indoor dryer vent kit can include water reservoirs, which will come in handy for catching debris that would normally dissipate into the air if outdoor dryer vents are used. Speaking of the outdoor variant, they tend to come with clamps, steel duct pipes, and clamps, which are all missing from the indoor variant and can be difficult to set up. Once you’ve noted the differences between the two, now you need to check your home. Where is your laundry room located with respect to your home’s exterior wall? If it is far way, then you can cross the outdoor dryer vent […]
December 22, 2016

A Look at the Dangers Posed by Dryer Vents

There’s no denying that dryer vents pose their fair share of dangers, which is why homeowners are advised to handle them with great caution for their own safety. If you were to take your own precautions, what better way to start things off than by learning about all the potential problems you’re likely to run into? Listed below are two examples of dangers you can expect from dryer vents. House fires from lint buildup This is the most common problem associated with dryer vents. As time goes on, you may slowly experience a steady buildup of lint in your dryer vent. Lint is highly flammable, and in large enough amounts, is can potentially be enough to burn your entire house down. Not the most comforting image, I know. In 2010 alone, lint buildup in clothes dryer caused more than 15,500 home fires in the United States. How does lint do this? Well, when there is a sufficient buildup of lint in your dryer vent, the air that is able to flow through it is significantly reduced. Your exhaust gases will back up, resulting in a significantly increased risk of disaster. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to […]
December 16, 2016

A Few Essential Dryer Repair Tips

Anybody can search Google for dryer repair tips these days. Don’t forget about all the books and magazines that are devoted to the repairs of household appliances. There’s also the matter of the owner’s manual that usually comes with these things. But before you dive into it, DIY-style, it’s probably best to ask yourself a few questions. The most important one would be asking yourself if the task is within your capabilities. If you answered no to that question, then it is probably best to approach a qualified professional to do your repairs for you. It’ll save you a lot of time and effort, although the cost will be substantially greater. However, if you think that you can do just as good of a repair job then the first thing you need to do is review the basics. Remember that repairing your dryer can be somewhat similar to repairing your other home appliances. Okay, maybe not that similar, but some of these tips go hand in hand with the rest. First of all, you need to ensure that your appliance is plugged in. Another essential tip is to make sure your appliance door is properly closed. Imagine the scenario if […]