All We Do Is Clean Dryer Vents

Protect Yourself From Fires, Save Energy, Dry Faster!

  • My dryer was taking up to 3 hours to dry a load of laundry and the repairman said that my vent needed to be cleaned so I searched google and found superior dryer vent. I called and spoke with James who was very helpful and straight forward about the process and most importantly the pricing. Fortunately, they were able to come out the same day and by dinner time my dryer was working like new.


Straight forward pricing, no trip fees, no hidden charges. Just a like new dryer system to protect your family and reduce your energy costs.


All we do is clean dryer vents. This isn’t a quick and easy job, we make sure everything is done right and the entire dryer vent system is clean and like new.


Same day service in many cases. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. Just check out our independent Google and Yelp reviews.

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Deflecto Pest Guard

Protect yourself and the wildlife around your home from harm with this vent guard! Birds will often build nests inside of dryer vents during the winter because of the warmth from the dryer. Unfortunately, this can almost completely block the exhaust flow from the dryer and result in a dryer fire!

Builder's Best Hose Kit

We carry new hose kits to all of our cleaning appointments, these can be a pain to install and if done incorrectly can increase drying time! Most newer dryers warn against the use of any other hose, particularly the traditional foil hose.